Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Davis, California 9/11 Truth Mission Statement Proposal

Whereas Witnessing the tragic events of 9/11 2001,

Whereas contemplating the sheer monstrosity of this mass murder perpetrated on a US nation, an attack manifesting itself as a controlled demolition of two towers WTC1 and WTC2 of World Trade Center and building WTC 7 in New York and as unidentified aerial vehicle impacting The Pentagon, this an attack by yet to be identified entities,

Whereas being confronted with the stark reality of US government deception , un-cooperation and cover-up,

We the People, Us the members of Davis 911 Truth Chapter, proudly reporting ourselves a California member of the national 9/11 Truth movement,

"Our mission is to gather a critical mass of public common knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the truth regarding the tragic events of 9/11, by educating and informing ourselves and others, in order to achieve new independent facts-based investigation, and finally, to witness resulting official recognition of the Truth of 9/11, so that history accounts can be officially corrected, and the war empire forces can be revealed, removed from power, brought to account, thus being defeated, for the sake of world peace and world prosperity".

We Resolve Diligently and Incessantly to :

To dedicate ourselves to:
  • to pursue the independent exhaustive investigation of this tragic false event of 9/11 attacks, event that apparently was used as a justification of preventive unprovoked military attacks and colonial wars of conquest, consequences of which we will have to deal with for years to come
  • to educate ourselves and keep educating and informing others about the true nature of this tragic event of 9/11
  • to bring to account the entities and individuals responsible for the event, them that precipitated and participated, in a manner heinous, false, covert, treacherous, treasonous, thusly so highly injurious to the sovereign interests of The People and The Republic
  • to bring under control of The People and The Constitution the forces, the entities and the power framework that allowed the germination and origination of the event
  • to oppose any future, and to end any current, the unprovoked, preventative, Congress undeclared and therefore un-American, genocidal wars of aggression and subsequent colonial conquests
  • to oppose universally illegal and morally wrong torture of prisoners and indefinite detention
  • to investigate and fully account for two fraudulent national presidential elections, 2000 and 2004, when forces instituted to power were never lawfully elected
  • to investigate bioterror anthrax attacks of September 18, 2001 and on

    We further do believe that the following issues are closely related to the attacks of 9/11, and We do resolve henceforth:

  • to strengthen the nation, its people and its fabric by the introduction of the Universal public-private single payer national health-care system
  • to bring under control the wildly runaway, unnecessary military budget, paring it to the measure of 30% initially, which still will allow and guarantee the position of the country as the militarily unopposed, unmatched, most reasonably defended and most powerful nation on the Earth
  • to support to invest in and to defend un-disproportionatelly the American scientific and industrial infrastructure base and resulting industrial potential
  • to support the just scale and manner of the distribution of wealth creation and generation, them being supremely endowed upon The People and upon America through the unending industriousness, inventiveness, diligence, beliefs, and highest humility of the un-conquerable spirit of freedom, justice, brotherhood and peace
  • to support to carry out the dissolution of recently appearing government bureaucracies of Department of Homeland Security, and the Patriot Act
  • to bring under control and verification the national election process, with institution of runoff national presidential election, with utilization of modern technologies
  • to investigate a federal crime of intimidation of federal election candidate, Ross Perot, 1996 presidential elections
  • to investigate the inside job of 7/7/5 London bombings, and to review the Madrid bombing circumstances

We The Undersigned Bellow, The Davis 911 Truth Chapter
July 4th, 2009.
Petr Buben

The public is being informed of the possibility to kindly sign this 9/11 Movement Statement in by commenting bellow, to show support to the 9/11 Movement and to the general principles and goals contained in this Statement.
Thank you.
Petr Buben

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