Friday, July 10, 2009

Investigation, Hypothesis. 9/11. Controlled demolition. Nanothermite.

To me, one can only surmise that ANY imaginable tangible record of transactions, paperwork, computer traces, is well and long gone. as for example per last news about discarding of all records of nanothermite trade from Lawrence Livemore Laboratory, after 7 years.

  • I suggest, should it be our aim to seek questioning, and with the lie detector help, of most important officials of that time, starting with the president, down the government, security agencies, army officials

  • it is a big question of this investigation, did they know? if so, who knew what, and when .....

it is my uneducated pure guess that the top officials, about 5 people, knew and approved .... everybody else absolved in the chain of command

1. first, real airplane, remote controlled hit WTC
2.second, already military substitute remotely controlled airplane, hit WTC
3. controlled demolition of 2 WTC towers

4. Pentagon
A fake airplane circles the area, in a mock up attack, as repeatedly testified to by eye witnesses. But a cruise missile, or smaller remotely controlled substitute military plane hits the Pentagon.

5. No airline airplane crashed in Pennsylvania, teh hoel is way too small, debris spread on a large area.
Some airliner, fake or real, was shot down, and another airplane was crashed into the hole we know.

Petr Buben

Dr. Steven Jones:

One can estimate the implied amount of thermite needed to generate so many iron-rich spheres in the WTC dust. In a sample of 32.1 grams of WTC dust, I observed with the unaided eye two metallic-looking spheres, in addition to the micron-sized spherules collected using a magnet. The mm-size spheres proved to be iron-aluminum rich. The mass of these two larger spheres (0.012g) found in this sample can be used to provide a crude estimate of the fraction of iron-rich spheres in the dust: 0.012g/32.1g = 0.04%. If the mass of the WTC dust was about 30,000 tons, then the iron-rich spherule content would be of the order of ten tons. This is a very rough estimate based on one small sample, and is only provided to give an idea of the amount of thermite-type reactants and products which may be involved here. An investigation well beyond the scope of this paper would look for purchases of aluminum and iron-oxide powders (and sulfur) in multi-ton-quantities prior to 9/11/2001.

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