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9/11 Controlled Demolition Implications, Defaults, Consequences. Indictments. Will the Empire Fall? What Empire? -permanent top post till 9-11-11

Complete summary analysis, post-nanothermite era of 2009

9/11 Controlled Demolition attacks in the larger context.

I.    Predicament 
II.   Goals of attacks /recap, short analysis/ 
III.  War Empire, The Reform, The Fall 
IV. Solutions, Indictments  

I. Predicament  top

Let’s realize that the majority, if not all of top ruling establishment elite, military, intelligence and top government political leadership, from left to right, then and now, official media, multinational corporations, these all are, or will be shortly, involved in an enormous, flagrant criminal cover-up of the biggest criminal event of the US history of our time, the 9/11 Controlled Demolition attacks false flag inside job covert Reichstag fire type self-inflicted wound military operation. 
Per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense. 
Involved they will be more or less, some knowingly, some not, some wanting and some not . 

Then a small, inside elite group of entities and individuals, foreign or not, identities of which are yet unknown, is directly involved, with different degrees of knowledge, in the operation itself, as they prepared and executed the attacks.  

II.The Goals of 9/11 attacks  top

1. Security regime 
To create new federal government security population control agencies and bureaucracies. DHS, TSA, Patriot Act. 

2. Wars of conquest. Iraq, Afghanistan, and further. 
To stir anxiety, enmity, spirit of war (oh war is so profitable) in the nation, to rally, to unite the nation for wars, for an eternal war for eternal peace, for colonial wars of aggression.  

These wars in order to achieve aims of 
A. to aid and benefit strategic security interests of Israel  
B. to conquer and control generally strategically very important and oil rich states of Iraq and Afghanistan. 
C. to setup future expansions - these territories are very important staging theater spaces for further expansion in the “Final war” against Russia, and into Asia, where there are other strategically important and extremely oil and gas rich countries, recently opened up for control and domination after the collapse of Soviet Union.  

Countries in question are in Caspian sea area. Azerbaijan, oil. Turkmenistan, literally sitting on huge natural gas reserves, 3rd largest in the world. (after Russia and Iran)  

It is to be said that this war push will go on indefinitely - as a history of the world, of human aggressions and wars attests - until either 
1. the intended goals - victory, western American dominance is achieved, or 
2. wider, sustained, general world low key war conflagration and chaos is achieved, possibly leading to world wide all out all devastating conflict, or 
3. Western - American war empire collapses within - from decay and/or lack of funding - as reforms, rational withdrawal, seem next to impossible.  

III.Reforms of The War Empire?    top

These reforms, however improbable, would be very needed and desirable, for the sake of world peace, of ending human war suffering and sinful war human and material heavy resources bleeding. 

Indeed, this peaceful reform, by identifying, revealing, disabling, disbanding the war empire, the “Bad Empire”, The American Empire of War, risen after the World War II, should be, and per default is, the goal and the implicit intended results of us – of Peace, Truth and Justice 9/11 Controlled Demolition Truth Movement.  

Our issue is of gigantic, tectonic and general all-encompassing implications and consequences for the whole country and every citizen, per default.  

We in the movement may as well ask not only - do you want to hear and accept the truth, but also – do you realize what consequences this will have?, and, do you want to see these consequences?, and exactly what consequences do you want?  

As you can see, the 9/11 issue, the 9/11 stakes are positively tremendous, of the highest complexity, of gravest, generally devastating, ominous importance and repercussions. For The Usa, for all of us.  

It is that classic 9/11 “all or nothing”. It’s that known 9/11 Truth predicament “if one part, one detail of the story was false, then the whole attack events series completely collapses, - as it effectively factually already did. 

With the events, everybody involved falls as well. Completely, automatically, no questions asked.  

The whole series of events, from the WTC-7 on to WTC-1, WTC-2, to Pentagon impact, Pennsylvania crash, to London 7/7/5 bombings, to Homeland Security Department, to Patriot Act, to Transportation Security Agency, to anthrax attacks of 2001, to Afghanistan war attack and occupation, to Iraq attack and occupation, this entire chain falls in the face of scrutiny…  

Taking down all involved, from the then top military and intelligence to then highest government officials, to the present top leading establishment class, by complicity and/or by cover-up, and finally all the way to the democratically elected (for a change) president Obama, already on record as “it was al Qaeda terrorists”, in his Egypt speech of 2009.  
These all structures, these all events, are now based on and exposed to acute, blatant and self-evident falsity, exposed to domino-fall effects of 9/11 controlled demolition events.  
We thusly are facing a period of high instability.  

Margins are nanometer hair thin. The implications and consequences nano-thermite incendiary and nuclear explosive. Misconceptions and errors are of demolishing consequences.  

Empires Do Fall, …. can it be controlled demolition? 

Yes, the whole bad War Empire can collapse, as it did many times in the history before. Suddenly, almost effortlessly.  

But, can it be controlled demolition? Controlled collapse? A positive, directed, reform engendering event?  

The American Good Empire
But can the Good Empire, The American Empire of Good, of righteous might, of peace, of justice, of world leadership, and of world inspiration, be separated, sheltered, preserved, only to emerge propelled stronger and healthier, gotten rid of endless fascist war swine disease of military complex colonial war empire?  

Absolutely, it can. It should.  

As an example, and I know America doesn’t like, or particularly needs examples, as America is leading, creating precedents and setting examples, an example might be Czech Velvet Revolution of 89, a small state, a peaceful transfer of power.  

Let’s have then a Velvet Controlled Demolition Reform. A World War Empire Fall controlled devolution reform.  

The Reform, the Fall, yes. …. done by whom?   top

Yes, per defaults of the issue, inseparably and inextricably, done by the true American heroes, by the true faithful American Patriots of The Great Patriotic 9/11 Truth Movement, The Peace and Justice Movement.  

Margins are thin, space for goals choices, for maneuvering is even thinner, the consequences all potentially vastly damning – for there is no easy way that the most powerful war empire falls or eliminates itself.  

Second Power Tier waiting 

9/11 events are very unprecedented for all of us, for a young country, for a young American Democracy.  
The whole class of second tier establishment, of political power players and brokers, now is, or will be shortly, waiting for directions, for wind and smoke signals, for 9/11 signals -- What to say? How to act? What is the truth of the moment?  

You can see that in their being caught off guard, unprepared for these authentic moments, when handed over 9/11 Controlled Demolition Nanothermite Report of 2009 Papers by heroic guys.  

Their expression, demeanor, say – Wait a minute, I didn’t know? .. I do not know? Do I want to know? Will I want to know? They will be asking: who is in charge?  

Who will give this second tier power structure, and other apparatchiks and power aficionados bellow, the hint, the clue, of what to say? What to think? What to call the truth? ..Rush Limbaugh? CIA? Military? Where, who, is the power center ?  

Are we going to brings this war empire, this WHOLE country establishment down? Just because of the sake of the truth?? Is it possible?

Will there be more attacks, more events, wars, to override, to render moot, this disposition of War Empire?  

IV. Solutions, Indictments   top

I propose the following:  

1. In exchange for and after complete disclosures, cooperation, polygraph questioning, and after all results of investigations and truth revelations have been recorded in the history books, NO prison times for any past or present, top or otherwise, elected officials, involved in cover-up.  

2. COMPLETE forfeiture of all properties and possessions of all originators and participators, elected officials, entities, individuals involved indirectly and in a cover-up, forfeiture down to food stamps, welfare and minimum wage levels. 
Standard law procedures for all perpetrators, entities and individuals directly, actively and knowingly involved.  

3. Gradual power sharing into complete power transfer and complete power forfeiture, ban on ever holding office again, by and of all present and former elected office holders, or anybody else, found in complicity and/or cover-up of 9/11 attacks.  

4. Complete Constitutional control and effective regulation and management of Intelligence and Military Structures. Paring the war budget from current $1 trillion to $200 billion a year. No additional funding for wars beyond the military budget.  

Abolishing duplicitous, role undefined and wasteful army and intelligence agencies. 
Paring secret intelligence budgets to the measure of 50%. 
Abolishing the newly established Republican security structures mentioned above, DHS, TSA, Patriot Act. 

End war on drugs, abolish ATF, DEA. These are civilian parents, police and sheriff issues.  

5. Establish population de-control, savings and personal freedoms of Universal Single Payer Public Private Healthcare system.  

6. Institute severe regime of compliance of corporate taxes payment and mandatory first re-investing profits back here in America.  

7. Open public city parks in America during nights – prohibit their closures.  

8. Discourage gun violence epidemic as population control tool by making handguns, guns and ammunition very expensive.  

9. Epidemic of domestic man on woman deadly violence – introduce shelters for violent males and practice of transferring them there from homes, rather then having victims of male violence escaping into shelters, as practiced today.  

10. Offering an apology and special economic assistance ties to Iraq and Afghanistan, expecting their cooperation in return.  

11. Highest US and international recognition for all 9/11 Truth Movement heroes, all main protagonists, leading personalities involved in keeping the truth, the hope and future alive all these years, all the way to the defining act of Professor Steven Jones,, Prof Niels Harrit and his team of 9/11 Controlled Demolition Nanothermite Report of 2009.  

The list would go on, but that is other issue, that of political preferences within the movement.  

Back to 9/11 issue proper.  

As you can see, again, it is of exceedingly voluminous proportions, complexity and implications.  

What is going to happen? What should happen?  

WHAT were thinking the originators, precipitators, participators and executioners of 9/11 Nanothermite Controlled Demolition? - and trying to achieve? - when bringing down 3 towers of WTC and ramming Pentagon with an aerial vehicle? -- in front of the whole world -- to start violent wars of aggression and occupations, costing trillions of dollars of US national debt, and millions of lives so far? … 

Were they thinking that nobody is looking? .... That we all are stupid?  

I do not know exactly, after all.  

But I sure would like to know.  

Petr Buben, September 7, 2009.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Somebody needed police be told: don't worry about back packs, its just a drill. and it was. false flag. another one.


Photos of "The Craft" private military operatives with black back packs present at the Boston marathon bombing at the finish line.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Per extensive analysis of 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings, the greatest terrorist threat to the public did not come from Islamic extremists but from internal sources within the US and British establishment.

Mr Rooke put together an impressive team to support him in presenting evidence including,
Ray Savage, a former Counter Terrorism Officer who believes the official 9/11 story is not reasonable to believe,
Ian Henshall, a leading UK author on 9/11 and founder of the UK based group ‘Reinvestigate9/11′,
Tony Farrell, a former Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police Department, who In 2010 was fired because he felt compelled by his conscience to report and state that due to his extensive analysis of 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings, the greatest terrorist threat to the public did not come from Islamic extremists but from internal sources within the US and British establishment.

read more in the article:

Perhaps most relevant to Mr Rooke’s claims against the BBC was, Niels Harrit, a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen who is one of the world’s leading experts on the scientific evidence which contradicts the official story of 9/11.

Professor Harrit’s team of scientists proved that there was nano-thermite residue (high tech military explosive) all through the dust of all three towers (WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7) and he got this study peer reviewed and published in an official scientific journal.

He is also an expert on the other aspects of scientific evidence indicating controlled demolition of the three towers.

He was involved in a major interview with the BBC in 2011 where he claims the BBC attempted to harass and discredit his evidence rather than look at the scientific evidence he had to offer.

It is claimed Professor Harrit’s team have video footage of this harassment and highly inappropriate conduct by the BBC both on camera and off camera as part of that interview.

Mr Rooke had also submitted detailed written testimonies of evidence supporting his case from, Richard Gage, the CEO of ‘Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’,
Dwain Deets a former NASA Director of Aerospace Projects,
Erik Lawyer, the founder of ‘Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth and
Jake Jacobs a veteran US airline pilot & member of ‘Pilots for 9/11 Truth’.

the biggest lie maybe ever, a crime against humanity to be revealed?

western criminal colonial war aggression machine unraveling? to be revealed and disabled,
to preserve world, world peace, justice.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Next Appropriate Question Analyzing 911 Controlled Demolition. Was it smart? Of course not. For most of us.

I guess the next appropriate question to ask analyzing 911 controlled demolition inside operation is: 
Is it a smart, a legal and an appropriate way for /US/ government to fight terrorism by making it happen, not only letting prospective terrorists do it, and then annihilate them, and their friends, invading countries desired to be implicated.

The simple answer is no, but there is a lot aspects to this.

As we will see, 911 false flag crime is quickly turning into political discourse. That is one reason it is so difficult to approach it. Even by specialists. The calls and conclusions will be political.

Because if a private person murders, it is a crime, but if government kills, it is a political act, as wars are organised state sanctioned terror.

Another question: Is it technically legal for US government to carry out false flag operations?
Of course the biggest problem with 911 false flag is that it was carried out on US soil, and involved US civilian casualties.
These New York civilians are not soldiers, did not sign up for fight, as for example Pearl Harbour soldiers.

Is there such a thing as a just false flag?
I can imagine a just war, but is then a false flag justified, smart and advisable?

Example in question might be Pearl Harbor let it happen inside op, to rally behind a defensive, just war against Nazism ...
But as you see, answering will be making political calls.

Another answer to the main question also is NO, because in this 911 case, the aims and goals are not just.
The wars pretexted are not just, but aggressive conquests.

And also because the cause for which terror side stands for - defending and avenging the Iraq genocidal destruction in 1991 and on, is, arguably, just, from the standpoint of impartial observer. 

As you see, these calls can be involved, quite political and philosophical in their nature. That's why nobody adressess them, not at least publicly.

That is how complex 911 inside operation ramifications are. That is also why they did it. It is almost self-screwing.

Another fine and complex question is : what does the 911Truth Movement want?
To reveal, publicly and officially, the truth about 911? - therefore the fact that 911 is false flag inside operation? .. To call it criminal?

OK, I'm for it, but do you know or realize what, and how huge, consequences this statement would mean?

VERY tremendous consequences for this country. Maybe even cessation of its existence in present form.
International guilt and reparations responsibility. Rogue state and rogue system admission.

911Truth is quite diverse movement, many would like to see differrent outcomes perhaps, yet the simple act of officially revealing, recognizing and accepting the truth and facts will have preemptive uniform blanket tremendous devastating consequences for the whole US and its present ruling elite.
And for the entire world also, as, Russians will start asking - didn't you know, Mr Putin? So, are you, and are people of the world, stupid, ignorants, criminals or fascist?
You may start asking this question yourself now - it is how polarizing this 911 false flag attack on the world and on a peace is.

The dimensions of complexity and cruciality of 911 inside operation are simply so monstrous, that it is practically self-screwing.

Common people do not want to hear and talk about it. Mainstream US and world capitalist propaganda outlets will not touch it.

But this all, all analysis, us, we do not matter too much.

What really matters is a discourse, a dialog and relationship between American and Russian nuclear, electromagnetic, chemical and biological weapons arsenals.

How these two guys decide and/or fight it out, that is the way it will be. ... We, the hordes of human beings, we practically do not matter. ... We are practically dead already, anyway. You see.

That is all why it is so difficult to even talk about, to mention or to try to grasp the facts and their consequences regarding 911Truth controlled demolition inside false flag operation.
That is why they did it, too.

And then some - oil money, drugs money, war money. And trying to resolve the tragic Arab Izraeli conflict.