Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 – The Big Picture. Wars of aggression, 9/11 controlled demolition.

2010 - The Big Picture.

After the fall of overly restrictive socialist Soviet Union in 1991, nothing can effectively hold US military complex from aggressive military world expansion.

1.1991 - conflict with Iraq was provoked, country bombed apart into last century, later 2003 militarily occupied. and it is to this day. Military bases established there and also in Eastern Europe and some post Soviet central Asia republics.

The reasons for this, execution and the tactics are of high class military superpower highest war empire propaganda skills: provoke resistance, anger - that in Arab case, will translate into terrorism.

And here we have an enemy, to wage an eternal war. War we need to profit, to survive.

Last man to seriously stand up to this US war empire was JFK.

As long as, and until, war empire forces are in power, unchecked, and wars bring profits for the ruling establishment, there always will be wars and war tactics such as sacrificing own population in false flag "united we stand" inside operations.

2.2001 - False flag inside operation 9/11 controlled

Pretext for invasion, occupation and genocidal decimation of Iraq, Afghanistan. Justification to establish additional new big republican government security bureaucracies - DHS, TSA.

These occupations, unmanned drones lethal attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan serve further to incite, radicalize, stir Arab resistance.

Madrasas schools fit right in here - they teach resistance to western domination, occupation and colonization done namely through military means.

And since regular warfare is not at Arab disposal, they will not reject terrorism. This in turn will serve further to 'unite' obedient western population to rally for further  wars.

After the Soviet Union fall, Western Empire has a chance to try reoccupation, recolonization of the world. - We are seeing just that.

As any crime - this is my prediction - this new US UK campaign of military aggressions and occupations will fail, with and after heavy losses of lives of ordinary people. Some nations, millions of people, will disappear from the face of the Earth. 

Will the planet, the humankind survive itself as such? Probably, as a monster, a serpent of mafia war empire aggression forces will slow down, rethink, before destroying themselves, on purpose.

Petr Buben


The situation allows even to speculate that the present goals of empire colonial campaign are to destabilize Pakistan, possibly dissolve it and get their nuclear weapons, besides destroying and colonizing Iran.

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