Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We 911Truth Movement we should stick with facts, with science. Irrefutable evidence was presented by now.

Absolutely, lets stick with facts.. Nanothermite and spherical iron testifying to high temps...

To a shocked nation, common people, we must present the FACTS, per science. It is supremely enough already.

Core of the movement already called it "the game is over" in 2009, when irrefutable scientific evidence was presented by high wizards of science and truth, est Mr Jones and Mr Gage, inspired by Dr. Griffin.

WE MUST stick with the facts, with the science, when the scientific wing came on strongly and so graciously! in an all American way, contributed to a definitivne clarification and statement of the Truth at this stage of our investigative struggle for the Truth, for a justice, for patria and the way America really should be.

We ALL know how America should be, we have it all written in our hearts, throughout our common history.

I dare to say America, real people of the Usa, are perhaps even more peaceful than many a religion.

We v got to prove this, to put this in reality. Yes, we have got to stick with facts, with The Truth.

May God, if present, bless and judge evenly the Planet Earth and its ever learning children!

Facebook group 1 000 000 people for 911 Truth

9/11 Investigate

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