Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Dear Leaders.

Our Dear Leaders, Ruling Elite: We know you are criminal. We know some of you perpetrated 9/11 WTC Controlled Demolition, and all of you are now trying to cover it up.

We know you have sold out America, it's people, it's industries, to worldwide takers, China, India and all, for the sake of your quicker bigger profits.

We know you are waging illegal immoral wars of conquest, resulting in mass deaths, devastation, genocide. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya war crimes.
All at a price of $3-4 trillion, paid for by us.

We know you are controlling us by denying us selectively a healthcare, in one of the biggest scams on Earth.

Another mega waste is completely unwarranted and unnecessary war defense budget of $1 trillion a year.

We know your cartel monopolies are corrupting markets manipulating speculating oil gas prices, overcharging us by the rate of 100%.

Your time will be coming up. 

This is still America, after all. 

Not your private den to loot and corrupt and exploit and brainwash however you wish.

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