Saturday, September 10, 2011

911Truth 10th Anniversary, International Context

911Truth International Ramifications

NO nation, except Iran, will openly state the truth - 911 is controlled demolition therefore inside operation. Not Russia, not China, not Europe.

Maybe Venezuela is unofficially admitting to the truth.

The whole world thus is being assaulted by this big lie.

There must be thousands of photos, footage from satellites, security cameras around Pentagon, showing clearly the moment of impact and what hit Pentagon.
Russia and China surely must possess these materials.
Are they now partners in crime?

As foreign, EU services were warning CIA, US intel agencies that attack was imminent, US never elected government elements had a different plan: 

It devised the whole event from very early on, decided to let it go through, and enhanced it with explosives controlled demolition self inflicted wound, which then will allow for completion of Iraq destruction and occupation, Afghanistan bombardment destruction and occupation, and thus a strong regional presence for later staging/helping Iran and Arab unrest campaign, a clever subversion of a region which allowed to mask one real target - to take independent prosperous Libya, just a independent prosperous Iraq and their vast oil reserves into Western occupation possession.

Of course all is very complicated by a bitter mortal Palestine - Israel conflict, by now long fought with means of violence.

This 911 self inflicted false flag operation, on American soil, involving civilian casualties, is not justifiable even if it served the just war, which it did not. 

Just defensive wars usually do not need pretexts or unifying deceit self inflicted attacks, yet these are unmistakably used and a sign of a skilled strong warrior. In other word -  it's barbaric. 

To use violence, a war, which a state terror, is deeply mistaken and criminal enterprise.

Wars, conflicts, arms buildups are also very profitable to US oil war security military republican industrial complex, to the tunes of up to $10 trillion.

The people, citizens, nations, their taxes money pay for these rich oligarchs criminal extravaganzas.

It is a very sad, violent show, worse than any videogame, and the redress can and needs to come from and within The USA.

In this context - for strategic security world balance, meaning a relative peace and prosperity - the destruction and disintegration of Soviet Union and its transformation into oligarch, chaotic mafia influenced nuclear weapon state is truly a catastrophe for millions of people, for the whole world.

Soviet Union was to be reformed into more democratic state, not destroyed and mutated into chaos times.

For if trillions of dollars of oil and gas in post Soviet states were not up for grabbing, US military complex would never staged present campaign of attacks and occupation wars. Costly, wrong, criminal aggression wars campaign.

Destined to fail and bring tremendous losses, sufferings, deaths to the world, to planet Earth, to all people of peaceful, good will.

Present US Western war campaign is an assault on humanity, on morality, on the whole world.

And 911 WTC attacks self inflicted false flag inside operation might have been the first shot in this savage world wars campaign.

It is so very sad, the saddest realization, that US military complex can't and will not hold themselves from committing wars of aggression, committing serial war crimes around the world - just because it can.

The emperor has lost his cloth, a veil of deceit, is naked, drunk and delivered a war.

The emperor lost his face too.

But don't worry, there is plastic propaganda operations today. 

To appease, massage your brains - that is, if you got some.

Petr Buben

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